Homo Urbanus Bogotanus

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Bogotá, 43 min

by Ila Bêka & Louise Lemoine

SOUND MIX: Walter Fuji, Lo Studio PRODUCTION: Bêka & Partners, France 2019, HD, colour,

A citymatographic odyssey

Walking in unknown cities to collect impressions, to catch a vibration, to gather situations and things seen at the angle of a street, on a crossroad, from the top of a building. Depicting a city in its present, in the simplicity of its daily life. Listening to its rumble, the sound of its depths. Slipping into its rhythm.

To be on the lookout, in a continuous wonder towards the imagination and creativity men have managed to develop to find a way to live together. Asking ourselves what makes a city, trying to understand its silent rules, its habits, its imperfections, its difficulties, and its unique way to answer the endless question: Where do we go? This project tries to collect a few elements of answer. These visual notes, made on the fly, look at the urban inhabitant within his group and in his deep solitude, redra- wing the outline of each city following a sentimental geography.

Presented in a comparative dynamic through the lens of a selection of themes and issues linked with the street daily life, these films enable us to perceive each of these different urban contexts as an experimental, local and unique laboratory answering the same global challenge of how can we live all together.