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  • by Florian Fischer, Spazio cura, Anna Franziska Jäger, Nathan Ooms

  • The scenario builds upon Something Fantastic’s idea to extend the public space of Mont Des Arts by blocking the traffic of its intersecting road. What is left is a new territory, which can be filled with new life. Hence the work focuses on the streets most sterile and lifeless element : a stainless steel post. The post, initially made to separate body from vehicle and to cut a distinct line between public and infrastructural space will be manipulated by two performers. Every morning after sunrise they will decorate the posts with ornaments made from seeds. These ornaments will not only serve as a visual element but potentially nourish new inhabitants of the street. In that way the space is opened up for human and non-human life to unfold in an alternated form. At the end it will be up to the birds to decide whether the territorial and conceptual extension of the public space has been accomplished.